Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 1st Day of Christmas

We celebrated Christmas Day with my family in Rowlett. The presents under the tree quickly accumulate when there are 11 people, 2 of which are the grandchildren. Most of the household was up in the 7 o'clock hour in anticipation of Mini J waking up to find what Santa left. Ironically, she didn't get up until 9AM, so we entertained ourselves with Baby A and drank coffee.

When Mini J did get up, she wanted to run down the stairs, but everyone wasn't ready with their cameras, so her present-tearing-into was slightly delayed.It took her no time at all to get through her presents, and here is her loot.Baby A enjoyed opening up the stocking I made for her.But needed a nap halfway through the morning.Someone might have mistaken her for a present!Kendall's new puppy got some chew toys that she thoroughly enjoyed.And we had our annual fashion show.Nicholas got lots of tools, including some new sawhorses.He also enjoyed playing with his new football.This is a good picture of the aftermath.The boys all got flashlights so now they will no longer be in the dark.Mini J enjoyed her new bike.Baby A enjoyed her new tummy toy and all the pretty colors.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We got up bright and early Christmas Eve morning. A few hours later, with the car all packed up, we finally hit the road for Dallas. (We took a good portion of these baked goods with us.)
We were initially driving straight toward the sun. About halfway to Dallas, it was dark, gloomy, and sprinkling. By the time we made it to Rowlett, it was sleeting, and as we sat down for lunch (with my oldest BFF), it started SNOWING...in Texas...on Christmas Eve.
After dark, it started sticking, and we had a White Christmas!
Nicholas ventured the grocery store on Christmas Eve and was only missing canned pumpkin, and then we pulled together a pot luck dinner for family.We visited with family...
and had a lot of fun playing with Baby A (now 4 months old)!until she got tuckered out...Then we played white elephant with my siblings.There were some really neat gifts.poker chipsa nerf gun
a box of kleenex with dollar bills interspersed

Pack 'em Up and Move 'em Out

While packing Jeremy up last week in Colorado, Nicholas devised a pulley system to avoid walking up and down the three flights of stairs. (Thanks to Steve D. for helping Nicholas move our couch in Rhode Island!)
The original purpose was to not walk backwards down the stairs with the mattress and couch, but Nicholas also made a little elevator to lower book boxes and such.
The mattress went down swimmingly.
And so did the couch...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

Here are the top 10 things I willing be doing on Christmas Eve:

1. Waking up early to drive to Dallas to see family
2. Making cookies with adorable little girls
3. Making pumpkin pies
4. Enjoying time with family
5. Having a meeting in the AM (because some people WANT to work!)
6. Spending a little time with dear friends
7. Drinking a whole pot of coffee because I got up so early
8. Wrapping last minute gifts
9. Spending time with my family
10. Watching White Christmas (FINALLY!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowflake Kisses and Birthday Wishes

As previously mentioned, we spent last week in Colorado packing up Jeremy's apartment. The four Austinites left bright and early Monday morning. The flight, of course, was pretty full. Nicholas decided to document how we sit in our seats.Once in the Denver airport, we had to take the train to baggage claim where we were overloaded with half full suitcases. Since Southwest Airlines lets 2 bags fly for FREE, we maxed out our bag limit in order to fill up suitcases with Jeremy's clothes.Jeremy's apartment complex had a "guest suite" that they rented out to friends/family of residents. It was two bedrooms/two baths, had a kitchen, living room, dining room, and laundry room. We stayed there for 3 nights because the 4th night was already booked by someone else. It was nice to have another place to stay that was close to Jeremy and way cheaper than a hotel. The second bedroom only had a twin bed, so Nicholas was forced to sleep in the laundry room.
After long days of packing and cleaning the apartment, the boys relaxed, napped, and did some reading.Last week was a good week for Texans to visit Colorado. It was dry (a little too dry), no snowfall, and there were even a few days where you just had to wear a light jacket. The previous week saw lots of snow and single digit temperatures, so there was a lot of snow on the ground. Here are some of the views from Jeremy's balcony.And the volleyball court...We also celebrated Jeremy's 23rd birthday. He received a nice Canon Rebel digital SLR camera. We had dinner at a restaurant called Austin's in "Old Town" Ft. Collins.Jeremy's birthday was early in the week, so it was still pretty chilly...Wednesday night we visited with BJ's cousin that just moved outside of Ft. Collins this Fall. Thursday night, we all stayed at the Holiday Inn Express after moving everything out of the apartment into storage. The "move" will be chronicled in another post. Nicholas, Jeremy, and I went back to Old Town and had Colorado Style Pizza and visited Jeremy's college (Natural Resources).Friday morning, Nicholas and I visited the reservoir in the Foothills, a short drive from Jeremy's apartment.This is where CSU plays football.As of tonight, all 5 members of the Dertien/Shank family are safely back in Austin for a little while.