Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome Baby J

Lil' D's first Baby Shower for Baby J. His favorite part was the food, but he also enjoyed the games. The "see how fast you can put a diaper on a baby" game was Lil' D's favorite. He thought all the adults were silly...until he got to try, too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday Adventures

Beautiful Spring Days! All too quickly the HOT, HOT temperatures will be here. As our BUSY schedule allows, we are trying to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible.
 A little hike at Hornsby Bend. See the beautiful hummingbird?
Followed by a little picnic at Zilker Park.
Lil' D made lots of doggie friends.
Slack Rope walking
And an evening at the Dellagiacoma's Barn Party! Lil' D had a great time chasing chickens!
And petting baby goats
And miniature horses..."Come say hi?"
Showing sweet M how to chow down on some corn.
Sweet dancers!
Taking a dance break. When I got Lil' D's attention and asked him to dance with me he said, "No, Mommy! I doing yoga!"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Observations From Today

How did I ever live without a digital SLR camera? Ours has been not working for 3 weeks, and I am miserable. Also, just sitting on the shelf does not seem to be the solution to fixing the camera.

I started not feeling well yesterday...for the first time in a long time. Ugh. I greatly dislike being sick. Also, Lil' D has an upper respiratory infection. And missed his music program at school today!

I am thankful to work from home and for the mute button on my phone so that when I almost burst into tears on a conference call today, it mostly went unnoticed. My utter frustration with how the meeting was going, however, I think was clear.

As long as we avoid the bewitching hour, Lil' D is pretty good at the grocery store...when he is not trying to eat everything in the basket. Luckily he is easily bribed [read that: distracted] with cheese, Triscuits, bread, fruit, or raisins. Depending on how much shopping we need to do, he can make it through all the bribes.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colorado Trip

We went to Colorado for Easter to visit Jeremy. It was Lil' D's first time to fly since last May. It was our first time to get him his own plane ticket! In preparation for the trip, he picked out his own backpack (that happens to match his lunchbox). He looked adorable carrying his own stuff! Our EARLY morning flight was very exciting for Lil' D. He enjoyed watching the planes.
Watching our luggage "deplane." Jeremy picked us up from the airport, and Lil' D fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the car! He was too excited on the plane to take a nap. 
We visited Jeremy's office at school. Lil' D enjoyed all the "animals" in the Natural Sciences buildings.
Lil' D also enjoyed running all over Colorado State University.
We enjoyed spending time with Jeremy. Jeremy enjoyed listening to how chatty Lil' D is in the morning! We spent the weekend in Denver with Audrey's family. Lil' D enjoyed his trip to the Denver Zoo. We gave him a choice of going to the airplane museum or the zoo. He picked animals. 
Lil' D's favorite part of visiting Denver at the Lindemann house was their dog, Lucy. (Though he also thoroughly enjoyed the fun toys, Easter eggs, and spending time with Jeremy and Audrey.)
The weather was overall beautiful while we were there...highs in the 60's until our last day, which happened to be my birthday. We enjoyed getting a little more wear out of our winter clothes (and have mixed feeling about missing the foot of snow from a few days ago)! On our last day, we drove up the Poudre River Canyon. 
Lil' D slept on the drive up there, while we made a few stops to take pictures.
Lil' D woke up just in time to see his first snowfall with big, beautiful snowflakes!