Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Story of Our First House--Part 2

We have officially moved into our new house!! But first, the final chapter of our first house. Part of our story is the story of our family. When we bought our house, Nicholas had just graduated from graduate school. We lived in Rhode Island and were planning to move back to Austin. We bought our house in July, but didn't move in until September. We were starting a new chapter of our lives and looking forward to what fun that would bring. 
Our bedroom changed over the years to accommodate room for babies to sleep next to Mommy and places for nighttime nursing. 
Our guest bedroom became our first nursery with the birth of Big Bro! 
We didn't get a crib right away, so the nursery transformation was rather slow.
When I became pregnant with Lil' Bro, we went to work on transforming Big Bro's nursery to a Big Brother room.
I was so excited to set up my office when we first moved into our house. It was great for awhile. Then my office quickly became the place that everything got put because we were having a baby and didn't have room for it. Then Lil' Bro came along and needed a nursery! I lost the office and worked hard to find a place for all that "extra" stuff. We had outgrown our house!
We never really finished making Big Bro's nursery a nursery, so I was happy (and determined) to finish Lil' Bro's nursery before he was born. I had a great time designing it and making it a special place for us all to be.
And here ends the story of our first house. In our first house we learned what it was to be homeowner's, dabbled in remodeling, refined our painting skills, became confident DIY-er's, started a family, and created a lovely home for the next family!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Story of Our First House--Part 1

July of 2009, we looked for and found our first house! We officially became homeowners at the end of July. In August, we packed up our newlywed life in Rhode Island and moved back to Texas. After a couple weeks of road-tripping and visiting family, we officially moved into our first house and made it our home!
We had a great time unpacking, buying new furniture, painting and setting up our house to become our home as a young married couple. 
In 2011, we did our first major home remodel on the downstairs bathroom.
August 2013, we undertook what ended up being a 1.5 year Kitchen remodel, but well worth all the effort! Our greatest contribution to the house.
We bought our first table when we moved in for the Dining Room. Over the years, the Dining Room (and Kitchen) were painted three times: Spring Green, Blue and House-Selling Gray.
Our backyard did not get as much love as Nicholas hoped it would. We had a tiny backyard, but it was perfect for our small family. The landscaping the previous owner did is not something we would have ever considered, but were thankful that our backyard mostly felt like a little sanctuary despite the VERY close proximity to all our neighbors.
Nicholas enjoyed gardening with Big D in multiple locations throughout the yard. He also added a lot of native plants and a sandbox.