Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dallas Visit

We took a trip to Dallas the first weekend in June. We left on Friday for Logan's house. We all got up early Saturday morning to head to my parents land for an exciting day of fishing and fun with family. Cousin A rode with us!
Lil' Bro got a fishing pole from Grandmom and Grandaddy for his birthday, and we put it right to use in the pond! Lil' Bro caught his first fish, and second and third! Big Bro also caught 3 fish!
Sunday morning we went to the Dallas Zoo. Cousin A had a broken foot, so she got a ride in the jogging stroller!
Elephant playing in the water!
Lil' Bro's FAVORITE animal!
As we were leaving, we stumbled on the new hippo exhibit right as a keeper talk was starting. It was really neat!