Monday, September 29, 2014

7 Years

We celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Sept 22nd and enjoyed a little date night away from both boys. I suppose that was our first night alone since Lil' Bro was born. We went to Alamo Drafthouse to see This is Where I Leave You and enjoyed a quick dessert at Mandola's before heading back to pick up the boys. 
It was lovely spending time alone. Lil' Bro helped us celebrate by not sleeping the night before or night of our anniversary.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

C's 3rd Birthday

C's 3rd birthday party was at Rudy's BBQ, his favorite place!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Saturday we had a fun filled day of church events. First we started at Lutheran Campus Ministry--UT for the final worship service in the current building. The LCM building is prime real estate near UT. The building has been sold and will be student condos. LCM will have space on the first floor and hope to open Fall 2016. The sanctuary was filled with many generations of LCM Alumni. The communion circle filled the room.
Big Bro posing next to Uncle Jeremy's landscape project from a few years ago. 
Next we headed to SOTH for the Fall Launch party and concert by the Distant Brothers.
There was a really big water slide...a little too tall for our bouncing 3 year old.
After dinner, we enjoyed a concert by the Distant Brothers, a band from Chicago with our pastor's son as the percussionist.
All the little kids had lots of fun dancing!
The Scott brothers enjoyed checking out the drums!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dallas Visit

We took a very short trip to Dallas last weekend. It's been hard to take weekend trips for the past year since Nicholas started working at our church. He works on Sundays; I work on Fridays. That leaves us with Saturdays, and traffic on Friday afternoons is always awful. Despite our best efforts to leave earlier in the day, we ended up leaving Friday afternoon at 3:45. It took us 6 hours to get to Dallas, with a stop in Waco for dinner and to feed Lil' Bro. Saturday morning we went to breakfast with my brother, Logan and niece A. Then we proceeded to wrangle everyone to do something together. We settled on visiting The Children's Garden at the Dallas Arboretum. It was the last weekend of August Dollar Days where general admission was $1 and the Children's Garden was $1. We wrangled 3 of my 4 younger siblings and all the nieces for our adventure. It took several hours for everyone to gather together, though. Once they did, we stopped for lunch at Torchy's Tacos. 7 adults and 7 kids! 
After lunch we headed to the Children's Garden. I did the calculations, for 7 adults, 7 kids and parking 3 cars, it would have cost $212. Instead, we paid $27 thanks to dollar days, discount parking, and our reciprocal membership benefits from our Wildflower Center membership.
The kids had a great time, and Aunt Kendall got a new picture with all her nieces and nephews.
Lots of cousin fun!
We didn't make it to the Children's Garden until 2:45, so we stayed until closing at 5. It was hot. I wish someone had taken a picture of the sunscreen application on the kids and adults!
Before ending our short short trip, we grabbed dinner on the way out of town where Jeffery and Jackie met us. It was Jeffery's first time to meet Lil' Bro. 
Then we drove back to Austin 18 hours after we arrived. It was a lovely trip, but a little rough on our little travelers. Nicholas had to work Sunday morning, and I had a meeting at 9:30, so we had to get up and out Sunday morning after getting home around 11:30pm Saturday night. Big Bro was a little cranky on Sunday.