Friday, August 28, 2015

Colorado Road Trip, Part 7: Fort Collins to Texas

Following the wedding brunch, we wandered around. We went to Fossil Creek Park to get some little boy playtime in.
We said goodbye to Jeremy and Audrey and had dinner with Grandma, GranBo, Uncle Steve and Aunt Wendy at the fun Greek restaurant we went to earlier in the week. We had not made solid plans on when were going to start heading back to Austin. I thought maybe we would start back on Saturday, but we were all "plumb wore out!" So, we found a hotel and crashed in Fort Collins Saturday night.
Sunday morning we went to a breakfast place and then headed back to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for a morning of entertainment. We watched a short movie in the digital dome theater. Lil' Bro did pretty well.
Then we had a blast exploring the museum. We left around lunchtime. Lil' Bro immediately fell asleep the moment we started moving. We grab some lunch to eat in the car and started heading south. 
We decided to leisurely make our way south through Colorado and finish the drive off during the night when the boys were sleeping. Just as naptime was ending, we rolled into Colorado Springs and visited the Garden of the Gods.
We walked around for awhile, but a storm was rolling in, so we didn't want to get caught in that. We made it into the truck and started driving through the park just as it started sprinkling!
It was around 5pm, so we decided to grab some dinner while we were in Colorado Springs. We stopped at Panera, and by now it was pouring down rain. We decided to just go ahead and eat there instead of continue driving so the boys could get a little more run around time, and then we could get them ready for bed. We had an awful ordering experience, but were happy we decided to stay. It had stopped raining by the time we were finished. We loaded back up in the car, all ready for bed around 7:30pm. The boys enjoyed exploring some new books Grandma got them for the trip.
And then we drove home. The boys fell asleep. Lil' Bro kept waking up and crying every so often for the first couple hours. We were concerned that would continue all night. Thankfully it did not! We didn't really hit any rain on the drive, but we did see some amazing lightning shows!
We made it home Monday morning around 10am. We unloaded the truck and started laundry. Big Bro and I went to the grocery store. Nicholas and I were so exhausted from our 10 days of vacation (and sharing a room with the boys) that Kathryn came over and played with the boys so we could go to a movie and have a little parenting break!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Colorado Road Trip, Part 6: Wedding Brunch

Saturday morning after the wedding was pretty rough. Big Bro had stayed up until midnight on the night of the wedding---the latest he has ever been up! Lil' Bro had gone to be around 9:30pm and was up at 6am! Mommy and Daddy were not excited about that! Everyone in the house was tired. We needed to clean up, pack up and get out of the Tapestry House by 10am. Also, the Post Wedding Brunch started at 10am, in Fort Collins. We made it! We arrived at the brunch at Cafe Vino shortly after 10. I explained to Big Bro that we were having one more party for Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Audrey. He was not impressed. I think he was all partied out! He told me several times over the next couple of days, "Mommy, I'm just so tired from all that dancing!"
The wedding brunch was attended by the wedding party and close family and friends. The menu included: stuffed french toast, lox and toast, quiche, fruit, pizza, and sweet treats.
The wifey and hubby!
Here ends the Lindeman/Dertien Wedding Log! Stay tuned for one final post to wrap up our road trip!