Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dell Children's Trust Art of Giving

The 6th Annual Dell Children's Trust Art of Giving was April 8th. Nicholas was on the planning committee and served as an artist. The boys had a blast playing in clay, painting, eating, listening to music, and getting their faces painted.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Holy Week + Easter

Palm Sunday we had breakfast at church. Then Big Bro enjoyed a pony ride. All the boys enjoyed the Tiny Tales to You petting zoo.
After all the pre-worship activities, we joined the palm processional parade into the sanctuary to learn about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.
As always, Nicholas was very busy during Holy Week preparing for Holy Week and Easter activities (and this year, also teaching three college classes). Our family attended the Maunday Thursday service. This year, we had a last supper in the sanctuary. It was a very awesome experience!
Afterwards, we hung around and helped Daddy set up for the Good Friday service.
Nicholas and Matt gave another awesome Good Friday shadowbox performance. Nicholas caught some awesome reflections off the stained glass windows before the service. The boys and I stayed home this year, so we don't really have any pictures. Here are the pictures from last year.
Friday night, after Nicholas got home, we spent a couple hours in the hospital because we thought we were going to have a baby early, so we had a slow start to Saturday. Nicholas spent a lot of time a church putting up his Easter installation, but it looks amazing!
Sunday morning, Nicholas left early for church because he was helping with the unveiling of the cross in the early service. The boys found their Easter baskets and were excited about new books and jammies from the Easter bunny. Then we got ready for church (including some quick baths) and made it in time for the pancake breakfast. 
This year, Easter also fell on my birthday (for the first time since 1956)! After church we had lunch with the Huebners at Mod Pizza to celebrate my birthday.
Then we headed over to the Turman's house for our annual Easter lunch/dinner. The boys got some more Easter goodies, ate black olives with Uncle Brian, hunted for cascarones and then cracked all the cascarones! Lil' Bro fell asleep on the way home and slept through the night!