Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dallas July Visit

We visited Dallas the first weeked in July. Lil' D hand-delievered Father's Day cards that he picked out that had dogs on them.
Lil' D enjoyed playing with Grandmom.
Lil' D enjoyed trying to catch Aunt Kendall's cat "Kit-Kat." He now calls cats "na," and we think it is his attempt at "Meow."
Lil' D enjoyed playing with cousin Baby A.
More hugs!
Practicing his growling at Kit-Kat.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Eat One, I Eat One

We have been incredibly blessed that Lil' D is an amazing eater. As we introduced new foods to him, he balked at less than a handful of them. He LOVES eating, and he has always eaten everything. He is starting to show signs of being a toddler. He is becoming finicky about what to eat and how he eats it. Nicholas plays a game "You Eat One, I Eat One" where he picks up a piece of food and gives Lil' D a piece of food, and then they both eat a piece of food. It works every time when Nicholas does it, and with any kind of food...broccoli, chicken, quesadilla. Silly kid. I wonder how much longer it will work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fourth of July

On 4th of July, we went for a family run and breakfast. Hoorary for a holiday in the middle of the week! After breakfast we met Jeremy and went on a museum adventure. Well, going on a museum adventure was our intention, but the Blanton was closed. The sign in that picture should say, Don't go to the Blanton...it's closed!
We walked around the gift shop of the Texas State History museum and taught Lil' D about Davy Crockett.
For dinner we headed over to the Turman's house. I made a yummy strawberry, blueberry, and jicama salsa.
Lil' D met a new friend and had fun playing (when he wasn't being a bully).
Lil' D enjoyed watching the big kids play with sparklers.
Then we sat on the back deck for Lil' D's first fireworks show! He thought it was awesome! We could see the fireworks from Zilker Park from the deck but were far enough away from them that they weren't loud.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hiking with Friends

Two weekends ago we convinced the Huebner's to go hiking with us. We ventured a different part of the Barton Creek Greenbelt and met at Zilker Park. Little did we know that there is now a $5 parking charge at Zilker Park on Weekends! Unfortunate since there are several other places we could have met to hike on the Greenbelt. Lesson Learned.
Water break!
Hiking progresses a little bit slower when the littles are running free...
We helped an injured biker who had fallen on the rocks. Of course Nicholas and I both forgot our phones in the car, so Adrienne shared her phone number with the dazed biker. She got a text later in the day confirming that the biker was okay!
After a little photoshoot, the littles enjoyed Daddy shoulder rides.
Nicholas made the mistake of telling Lil' D to reach for the trees.
Hugs for Dad!
After our 2.5 mile hike, we enjoyed lunch at Austin Java.