Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Quarterback Sneak

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I am blogging about something on the actual day that it happened! Don't get used to it. :) And don't worry, I am sure there is a backlog of things I will need to catch up on later.
Lil' D has always been a pretty good eater. We have been blessed with an amazing baby. Long, long ago he started noticing when he was getting different food than Mommy and Daddy at meal time. Now, even though he usually gets the same food, sometimes it just tastes better if it comes off of Mommy or Daddy's plate (or at least if he thinks it does...Mom is real sneaky like that). Often he will open his mouth for anything that is on Mommy's fork.
Tonight we had an amazing meal (that will likely end up in a forthcoming blog post since Nicholas said, "Write this down as a menu, and make it all together again.") Lil' D initially liked some of the food, but really we were eating too late for him and his one nap ended 7 hours previously. What can I say, we like playing with fire. But, we were eating outside, and Lil' D loves nothing more than being outside. Lil' D ate some food but then intentionally started throwing it on the ground. Nicholas loves this part of meal times like he loves sitting in rush hour traffic on I-35. In fact, he tries to intercept the food before it makes it off the high chair tray. This often gives Lil' D a chance to improve his reflexes as he will always get some food on the floor despite Daddy's best efforts. Lil' D was quickly removed from the high chair for a little ball throwing while Mommy and Daddy finished eating dinner.
After throwing the ball around, moving the bubbles containers around a couple of times, and climbing in and out of the chair about four times, he decided he was still hungry. He found Daddy's fork and was suddenly interested in eating more of his dinner. After trying to put some salmon in his mouth from Daddy's fork and missing...Mommy stepped in. This is how the scene played out. Lil' D was holding Daddy's adult fork while trying to get the food on his plate into his mouth. At the same time, Mommy started feeding Lil' D the food of his plate with her fork. Also at the same time, Daddy was holding Lil' D's plate and using his hands as a shield to prevent Lil' D from accidentally pushing his food on the ground. And this is how we rock dinnertime at our house. Too bad we didn't have an extra hand to take a picture.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday was a busy day for us, just like most Sundays. Nicholas, who recently joined the handbell choir at church, played at the 9:30 and 11 o'clock services. We arrived at church in time for the pancake breakfast. Lil' D enjoyed pancakes and smiling at lots of people.
After church we went over to the Peterson's for our Easter dinner. Lil' D enjoyed exploring all the little boy toys, especially the car rug on the coffee table.
The bountiful meal consisted of pulled pork, chicken, ham, ribs, potato salad, apple slaw, french fried brussels sprouts, grape salad, creamed corn, strawberry spinach salad, rolls, fruit salad, snickerdoodles, cupcakes, rice pudding, and coconut cake. 
Afterwards, Lil' D enjoyed his Third egg hunt.
The Peterson boys collected quite a bounty of eggs!
After a lovely cascarones adventure, Lil' D explored some of his Easter goodies from the Turmans. On a side note, the Easter bunny did not visit our house this year, but Lil' D received TWO Easter baskets and had THREE egg hunts!
While we were at the Peterson's we were blessed with a visit from the Brennan's! Gwen was at RISD with Nicholas, and Ben helped Nicholas after he burned his foot. They live in Portland, OR now, but were in the Austin area for a wedding. It was their first time to meet Lil' D. He was very friendly, especially since they brought their dog!
It was a beautiful day and the perfect way to celebrate Christ is Risen!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

14 Months

At 14 months, Lil' D has NINE teeth. He closes doors and knocks on them. His favorite things are dogs, balls, eating, being outside, and checking Spanish books out from the library. He enjoys walking everywhere, exploring new things, trying to climb onto chairs and benches, and brushing his teeth with Mommy and Daddy while looking in the mirror and laughing at himself.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

UT Tower

A few weeks ago we visited UT to show Lil' D the sites. We walked all over and let Lil' D enjoy fountains, grass, and the UT Tower. Looking at these pictures, he is such a big boy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

It has been a couple of weeks since my birthday, but you may have noticed that I have been a couple of weeks behind in blogging since Lil' D became mobile. Friday night we had an adult night. Aunt La La was gracious enough to hang out with Lil' D so we could go to an art opening at the Four Seasons Residences. It was a show in a residence unit that was for sale...4500 sq. feet...$2.5 million! It was an amazing space with a beautiful view of the lake and the capital. Then we had dinner at a friends house and watched a documentary on the balcony. It was a very artsy, jam-packed evening, but very enjoyable. Saturday, Nicholas left early in the morning to drive to New Braufels for the Men's retreat at with our church. He had a wonderful day! Lil' D and I did some shopping for Easter clothes and groceries.
Then we had a little impromptu gathering/birthday celebration at the Turman's. Sweet Kathryn made me a birthday cake.
We introduced Lil' D to the trampoline. He was not really excited about it!
The Turmans tend to practice late night eating, so Lil' D was asleep before dinner and cake/gelato. He woke up just in time to help sing Mommy Happy Birthday!
Sunday morning we went to the Easter Egg hunt at church. Lil' D enjoyed the Easter Elephant, hunting for eggs, and Uncle Jeremy! It was Palm Sunday, so we began service outside. Lil' D enjoyed the palm branches, but quickly made his way to the nursery...his new favorite hangout.
After church we had lunch at Panera. Then Lil' D took a nice long nap! We enjoyed an afternoon snack and coffee before Nicholas and I had dinner alone!