Monday, January 30, 2017

Dellinger Wedding

The weekend after New Year's we went to Dallas for the Dellinger wedding. After an 80 degree Christmas/New Year week, a cold front came in just in time for the wedding. As we drove to Arlington on Friday, it was snowing! The wedding was at Dallas Baptist University. Because of the weather, classes were cancelled, so the rehearsal was cancelled, too. We made it to the rehearsal dinner at Mimi's Cafe.
The rehearsal was rescheduled for Saturday morning. Nicholas was a groomsman and needed to attend the rehearsal. We dropped him off. I drove around while the boys napped. After a little nap, we walked around outside the chapel, but it was around 28 degrees. After playing for a little bit we had to go inside to warm up!
The boys were pretty good during the ceremony. We were very excited when Daddy was able to join us for the reception for some food and conversation.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kickin' Off the New Year

Here ends my blogging about 2016 and starts my blogging for 2017! Stay tuned for some New Year's goals (which includes a desire to be a little less behind in blogging)! But first, New Year's Eve. Jeremy and Audrey left New Year's Day morning. Thanks to awesome babysitting grandparents, Nicholas and I were able to join them for New Year's Eve fun at James and Allison's. It was lovely to have a little adult fun, despite get stuck in the elevator for a brief moment. We also had a great view of fireworks all over the city!
New Year's Day morning, we slept in a little bit. We ventured out for breakfast only to find our restaurant closed. So we detoured to Kerby Lane in Westlake where we were quite surprised to find a table waiting for us! It was great until our meal came out, and Lil' Bro had a meltdown about not eating his really messy pancakes with a fork. Once we hightailed it out of there, we went hiking at Wild Basin Nature Preserve, despite having forgotten child wearing gear. It was a beautiful day, and we were so happy we decided to go!
For dinner, we went to the Huebners for our annual New Years get together where the kids had a blast playing together!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 Christmas Decor

Christmas 2016 Decorations--
Nativity Scenes