Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby A--20 Months

The last time we saw Baby A was just before Christmas, 4 months ago. She is now 20 months old and all personality!
She was really shy at first, but starting warming up to us again really fast.
We gave her a taggie blanket for Christmas. This is how she is using it!
Baby A in her pretty Easter dress.
Baby A eating yummy treats from Granddaddy (a.k.a. the yummy treat provider).
Playing the piano on Uncle Nick's phone.
Enjoying Cousin Lil' D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip

Lil' D went on his first road trip this past weekend. We left Thursday afternoon. Lil' D did a little napping. We made a pit stop in Waco to feed everybody. We stayed with David and Brenna (and their chickens).
Friday morning we had breakfast with David and Brenna, and then we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  It was a beautiful day but very windy. We lost my glasses and the Moby wrap. They either fell out of the stroller as it was getting put in the truck or it was blown out by the crazy winds. Fortunately someone turned them into the lost and found!
We stopped by my mom's store so she could see Lil' D and show him off.
Then we went to pick up Kendall to have dinner with us. Friday night we had dinner with my Uncle Bob and cousin Mike. They thought Lil' D was a pretty amazing baby!
Saturday morning we relaxed. Then we met Logan, Kendall and Baby A at McAlister's for lunch. We haven't seen Baby A for four months, and she has changed so much! She was shy for a little while, but started opening up pretty quickly.
We spent the rest of Saturday at my parents house. All my siblings and nieces came over for dinner. It was great to spend time with the family and for everyone to finally meet Lil' D. He got lots and lots of love! The little girls were very excited about the "baby!"
BaiBoo hugging Baby A
Mini-J's Zoolander face
Uncle Nick: "Mini-J, we have something to give you, but you have to ask Aunt Dana if it is okay to have it."
Mini-J: "Aunt Dana, is it okay for Uncle Nick to give me something?"
Aunt Dana: "Sure, but you have to smile for a picture, first."
Baby A kept plopping down in Uncle Nick's lap. It didn't take her too long to warm up to us again!
Sunday morning we had coffee with David and Brenna. Nicholas spent some time with the chickens (who have yet to be named). I suggested they name the chickens Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!
Then we went over to my parents house to hang out with my parents and Baby A.
Baby A was very gentle with Lil' D.
We headed back to Austin after lunch time. Lil' D slept most of the way even through our gazillion stops. We stopped in Temple to change and feed Lil' D (and give Nicholas a break from driving).