Monday, August 30, 2010

On Scrapbooking

I have been scrapbooking for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have kept a variety of different types of scrapbooks. I have travel books starting in college with trips to Florida, DC, South Dakota, and North Carolina/Virginia. I have special occasion books like my UT graduation and my wedding (and a separate album for pre-wedding stuff). I have paraphernalia books where I have movie ticket stubs, cards, event programs, newspaper articles, etc. For Nicholas' RISD graduation present, I scrapbooked his life (in a futile attempt to get rid of the box of stuff we keep moving to different places).
Monthly scrapbooking/hanging with the girls was something I started doing with some friends in Rhode Island. My friend, Jill, had really neat scrapbooking tools. As I finished my wedding scrapbooking a few days short of our first anniversary, I was contemplating what to do next. Jill does yearly albums that incorporate everything for the year. I thought that sounded like a great idea since I was keeping separate albums for different "things."
I started with Christmas 2008. It filled up the whole album with a few added pages. I should have realized that was not a good sign for my "year" album. So that album became the Christmas 2008/2009 album, and I started fresh with January 2009.
I just finished my 2009 album. I think I added around 60 extra pages... Apparently married life, living in a vacation destination (a.k.a not the same place I have lived all my life), and the purchase of a digital camera equate to a whole lot of scrapbooking. Of course, I am sure I would have less to scrapbook about if there were fewer "big" life events in our lives, or if I had fewer siblings, nieces, and nephews, or if we didn't like to travel. Did I mention that my 2009 scrapbook does not include RISD graduation, our trip to New Hampshire after graduation with Nicholas' family, our 2 week road trip from Providence to Austin, nor Christmas?!?!
I have been brainstorming other options, because I am sure that our growing family will not limit the amount of scrapbooking I have in a year. (On a side note, I did stop saving movie ticket stubs years ago.) Ever since Nicholas moved to Providence, and I started flying to see him all the time, I have been doing a lot more traveling overall. I take few "long" trips and a whole lot of short trips which means that my old way of scrapbooking travel really isn't feasible anymore.
So here is my approach for 2010--since there are some things that I still want to keep on paper (graduation/party announcements, thank you cards, etc.), I will do a 2010 scrapbook on paper, but hope to condense it in comparison to 2009. I am only going to print and scrap pictures of travel outside of Texas and major events. For example, my trip to DC in Jan, our Boston/RI trip in Feb, Cam's wedding, LJ's graduation, our June trip to California for my nephew's graduation, and our recent trip to Minnesota. BUT because I still want documentation of EVERYTHING I am also going to make online photo books of everything else going on in our lives. The current plan is to possibly break up the photo books by season, but I might have to price comparison on the cost of making a new book vs. adding pages to a book. The theory is that doing more online stuff will be cheaper than investing in stickers/paper/albums for "manual" scrapbooking, will get done faster, and will hopefully take up less of my time (and last longer).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Como Park Zoo

Now for a picture post from our trip to the Como Park Zoo in Minnesota.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Can't You Just Stay Until the End of the Week?"

We just got back from a fabulous weekend with our dear friends, the Eide Four, in Minnesota. While there were some decidedly hot temperatures, there were no 109 degree days and plenty of breezy, cool nights. Nicholas enjoyed running with the kids in the backyard after dinner.
Friday afternoon, we headed to the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. Nicholas graciously sat in the backseat with the cool kids.
The museum was fun for both kids and adults!
There was a camera obscura outside that was exciting to explore with the kiddos.
The "picture" inside the room.
We did lots of hanging out. There was some couch painting...
Big kid bike riding...
Scooter/chalk drawing...
Saturday morning, when the weather was cool, we explored the Como Zoo (for free!). The best part for me was the butterfly exhibit. More pictures in a coming post.
Sunday morning we enjoy a bagillion pancakes courtesy of Chef Eide before enjoying a sermon courtesy of Pastor Eide. After a little midday rest, we headed to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater.
There was a lot of exploration by children of all ages.
And lots of observing...
On the way home, the closest thing to a blanket was Daddy's shorts!
Sunday night, the big kids headed out for dinner in Minneapolis for some rooftop dining.
Our first dinner location had great appetizers.
Our second dinner location had great desserts and opened many pallets to the wonders of pistachio sweets!
It was great to connect with our friends and wake up to mini-Nick and mini-Liz acting like an old married couple. "Do not get in my bed...Just say hi then...[pause] HI {mini-Liz}." "Mommy can we go with you to the airport?" "Daddy would you like to color with me? Sure. Your coloring book is over there [read far away from where mini-Liz is coloring]."
Mini-Nick and Mini-Liz had just turned two when we first started spending time with the Eide's and now they are big kids! Next time we see them they will probably be in kindergarten! Maybe if I bribe them with more gifts from Dana and Nit they will stop growing so fast!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby A!

We celebrate your birthday early, but today you are officially one!
 Tasting presents is the best way to find out if they are any good!
 The jack-in-the-box didn't scare you one bit...and the monkey went straight into your mouth!
 Vroom Vroom...
 So excited about your new highchair with a tray!
 Aunt Kendall really was happy for you!
 There was no doubt in your mind about what to do with your cupcake!

 Chocolate Baby!
Cousin Mini-J thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake after waiting ALL day to have one.