Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Last Saturday we took Lil' D on a lovely "Austin" day. We started our day at the AT&T Conference Center for Austin Space Day. Apparently, Austin has plans to build a planetarium. It was a great event for elementary school aged kids. There were instructions on how to make a homemade comet.
There was also a mobile planetarium and a station where you could walk across non-Newtonian fluid!
Lil' D rode in the Ergo carrier for the first time. He was relatively happy despite the heat.
Then we headed to Central Market for lunch where Lil' D sat in his own chair for the FIRST time!
He also ate carrots for the first time and loved them! Then we visited the Blanton Museum.
These are the dorms I lived in my freshman year. Yes, they look like a prison. The Blanton is located on land that used to be a parking lot (where some friends may or may not have gotten parking tickets in---if the lot no longer exists, neither should your unpaid parking tickets, right?).
Nicholas and Lil' D with the Capitol Building and the Frost Bank Building in the background (click on it because it is a really good picture!).
Then we visited the LBJ Library. This is a picture of my favorite fountain at UT that is obviously not on because we are in a severe drought! Then we visited the mega-Whole Foods. It was insanely busy on a Saturday late afternoon. Lil' D was amazing and we were all beat!

Friday, July 29, 2011

LBJ Library

Saturday we took Lil' D on his first visit to the LBJ Library. There are currently 13 presidential libraries. Nicholas and I have been to two of them (LBJ and JFK). I love history and presidents and plan to share this love with Lil' D!
Lil' D's first oval office visit!
Lady Bird's office
Austin skyline from the 10th floor of the LBJ Library
DKR Memorial Stadium
Presidential Archives
Lil' D and I with the not-life-size LBJ

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Nicholas and I were just talking yesterday about how much we love our Sundays. A typical Sunday (when we are in town) looks something like this--Lil' D wakes up, and I nurse him in bed. Then Nicholas and I lay there talking to him and play with him. We take turns showering, getting ready for church and eating breakfast. Lil' D eats again before we leave and usually falls asleep in the car on the way to church for his morning nap. Sometimes we stop for coffee, and Nicholas and I usually get some conversation time in. We attend the 11 o'clock service at church. After church we usually go to lunch with friends or family. By the time we are finished with lunch it seems to always be around 2pm. Lil' D usually needs to nurse before we head home because he will most likely fall asleep on the way home. Then we spend the afternoon doing stuff around the house, playing with Lil' D and just spending time together as a family. I suspect "Sunday Afternoon" will become a recurring series here at Dana's Dirtworks, and I am so excited to share glimpses of this wonderful time through the lens of my camera.
Our current challenge is finding activities to beat the heat. I think Lil' D often gets tired of playing in the living room all the time, and he loves being outside watching the trees. This is especially difficult as the afternoons are the hottest part of the day and today marks 40+ days of 100+ degree temperatures (with a forecast of 104 today) in Austin this year...and we are not yet in the hottest month of the year! Two Sundays ago we tried water play in a bucket, but Lil' D was fussy before we put him in the bucket, and the probably-too-small-for-my-not-so-small-baby-bucket did not alleviate his fussiness. For dinner, Nicholas and I had a picnic in the living room, mostly because we didn't feel like cooking. Lil' D enjoyed teething on a carrot stick which entertained him for a good long time.
I don't even remember how Lil' D got into this position, but Daddy distracted him from crying with the cow!
Lil' D got his legs stuck under the couch.
Watching Daddy talk on the phone to Uncle Jeremy
I'm not so sure what I think about this bucket!
Photographic evidence that Lil' D doesn't smile all the time...just most of the time.
Looking at trees
Teething on a carrot stick while Mommy and Daddy have a picnic.
Said carrot stick got thrown into the hummus, and little boy went after it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Showering Baby Schaefer

Last Saturday, I co-hosted a shower for Baby Schaefer at my house. Baby Schaefer's Mom (a name she will soon be referred to as by most people) a.k.a. Cam and I have been friends for quite some time. It's pretty exciting that we will have two little boys born in the same year. I am sure they will be great friends!
Cute Sisters!!
Cute Cousins!