Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coooookie Monster

I have blogged before about my love of babies. I am most definitely NOT one of those New Mom's who had never changed a diaper before. I don't even remember how old I was when I changed my first diaper, but it was probably my little brother, Logan. I have younger siblings, younger cousins, nieces, nephews, cousins with kids, and lots of friends with babies. I worked at a daycare for five years and spent well over 15 years with babysitting income. I always swore I would never have kids because I enjoyed other people's too much. Who really believed that anyway?
All that to say how different it is with my own baby. I thought I loved babies before I grew my own, but I had no idea that a) I would forget so quickly about how uncomfortable I was pregnant; b) I would forget so quickly what it was like to naturally deliver a 10 pound 3 ounce baby; c) I would have such a special bond with Lil' D. He's pretty awesome, but don't worry, that's all the mushy gushiness you will get here...
You know how some species eat their own young? this point, I couldn't image wanting to do that (but no promises once Lil' D becomes more obstinate!), but never in my wildest dreams could I have imaged that my own young would try to eat me.
As I pause for laughter...let me explain. I decided that I wanted to breastfeed Lil' D for at least a year. I read all the books, went to a breastfeeding class, and talked to Veteran and New Moms about their experiences. Who new that with all that "preparation" I would still have so many issues? Breastfeeding is hard; it hurts; it takes a lot of time; it is learned, NOT innate, and most of the time it just sucks. Until, it doesn't suck anymore. I don't know when breastfeeding exactly became easier, fast, not painful, and second nature, but that is where we are now. It took a really long time, but I am happy that I stuck with it. I do have disclaimer, though, if I were not working from home, I am not sure that I could have continued breastfeeding, especially going back to work when Lil' D was only 7 weeks old. I do not enjoy pumping!
So now Lil' D is a pro at nursing. He most definitely does not need my help. In fact, the other morning we were laying in bed smiling at each other and trying to convince Daddy to wake up. Lil' D decided he was ready to eat (although, I believe he is always ready to eat, especially when he smells Mommy). I swear he tried to undress me so he could start eating! Apparently he doesn't even need my help there. Pretty soon he will figure out how to work the strap on my nursing bra...
That story, however, does not really illustrate the "eating me" analogy. Since Lil' D has been teething, he likes to attack shoulders. Beware if you hold him on your shoulder! It is the most dramatic with me, especially when he is hungry. When I hold Lil' D, and he is hungry, it is like he is bobbing for apples. It seems he thinks he can get milk anywhere he attaches himself to me. He also makes cute/weird squeals and grunts very similar to Cookie Monster when he is shoveling cookies in his mouth. It makes me laugh every time. You know that dance "the worm" when someone does this crazy move on the floor that looks like a worm inching along on the floor? That is what Lil' D looks like when I carry him the short distance from his crib in my office to our bedroom so I can feed him in the early hours of the morning. Patience, my child, patience. If I dain to try burping him in the middle of his eating session, he voices his displeasure (but apparently not too loud because Nicholas rarely wakes up) and trys sucking on my shoulder. We wouldn't have this particular comic relief if I wasn't nursing him, so go us for sticking with it! Who knows what adorable, laughable, weird, and unexpected stories Lil' D will continue to provide us! You will most definitely continue to read about many of them here, so stay tuned.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Which Will Come First--Crawling or Teeth?

We are taking bets, and the odds are high for both. It seems that pretty soon little boy will be more mobile than we were hoping he would be at 5 months! Lil' D has been sooooo busy changing the past few weeks that I am having a hard time keeping up! At the beginning of June, we transitioned him out of his swaddle blanket, out of the bassinet, and out of our room---all on different nights of the same week. Needless to say, that was a challenge. Then, on Father's Day, he learned how to roll from his back to his tummy. All week last week he would wake up screaming because he was on his tummy and was not happy about it! Apparently, he temporarily forgot how to roll back over!
Finally on Thursday I found him sleeping on his tummy! That was the first night he slept 8 hours straight since about 2 months old. I am enjoying getting a little bit more consecutive sleep time! We are still working on some kind of regular nap schedule, but hopefully getting Lil' D in his room in his crib will help with that!
When Lil' D rolls over onto his tummy, he generally stays there and kicks like a fish out of water. He turns himself around in full circles. He reaches for and grabs toys around him, and he is looking at what we store on the bottom shelves of the coffee table. He also is working on the downward dog yoga pose. Hence the tittle of this post. Lil' D has been teething for several months. He seems clearly read to crawl...whether we are ready or not. Soooooo....we are taking bets on whether he will finally pop that tooth first or start crawling. I am voting for teeth first!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nicholas' First Father's Day

Sunday morning, we woke up to an awake baby laying on his belly! For Father's Day, Lil' D learned to roll over from his back to his belly and gave Nicholas a "Dad" mug. Every Daddy needs a Dad coffee mug! We went to church where Nicholas got lots of "Happy Father's Day" wishes. After church, we went to lunch at Abuelo's with Nicholas' parents and grandfather.
All the father's got free hats from Abuelo's!
That evening, we took Lil' D swimming for the first time. He loved the water!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


While we were at Grandpa's house, Lil' D and Nicholas played peek-a-boo. Lil' D helped Nicholas move his hands!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dallas June Visit

Two weekends ago we took a last minute trip to Dallas to visit my family. We left Friday morning and spent the afternoon at my parents house. Baby A was very excited to hold "My Baby/Sweet Baby!"
Saturday morning, we had breakfast with David and Brenna. Then we went to Sulphur Springs to visit my Grandpa. It was the first time he had met Lil' D, and he was so excited! He grabbed Lil' D's car seat (with Lil' D) in it out of Nicholas' hands as we walked in the door so he could get a good look at the baby. He said "Who does he look like? I can't tell who he looks like. He looks like himself!" My Grandpa is so cute. I hadn't told Nicholas how much my Grandpa loves babies. He wanted to hold Lil' D and jumped right down on the floor to play with him! It was adorable! 
Grandpa's dog didn't really care about the baby other than Lil' D was taking his spot in the chair next to Grandpa!
Then we headed over to my parent's house. Mini-J was being a camera diva.
Sunday morning we had coffee with David and Brenna. Then we headed over to my parent's house to say goodbyes. We had lunch with Kendall, Logan, and Baby A before heading home.

Friday, June 17, 2011

House Projects After Baby

We bought our house almost two years ago and spent a lot of the first year making it our own. We painted practically every room and have somehow accumulated a lot of additional "stuff" despite my attempts at constantly getting rid of things because I don't want clutter. We still have lots of projects on our list. When we found out we were pregnant, we started talking about the nursery, formerly known as the guest room. I have done most of the painting in the house, because on the project list, that is something I can do. Nicholas handles the power tools and hanging things that require measurements. I absolutely refuse to measure something to hang it. Fortunately, I have a pretty good "eye" for hanging things straight. Nicholas is impressed. I digress...So, being pregnant, I wasn't supposed to really be painting anymore. That was frustrating, since there were still some important things that needed to be painted!
Back to the nursery...I spent a lot of time searching around on the Internet trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate the nursery. I was pretty anti-theme. Why? I suppose I don't really like themes. I also wanted to try to maintain as much of our identity in our house as possible and not have all the crazy kid stuff least for as long as possible! Once we found out we were having a boy, I was adamant that we not decorate the room in "boy" colors like primary red and blue. Do you know how hard it is to find ideas for boy rooms that don't include blue and red or "themes"? Practically impossible. I finally found a valance at Buy Buy Baby that I settled on. We picked a light yellow color for the wall paint. We had to prime the walls before painting them because there was a dark grey color on them that was going to show through the light yellow. We had to remove the "glow in the dark" stars from the ceiling so it could also be painted. Nicholas redid the closet with some built in shelves and strong clothing rods.
Then we had baby showers. I had registered for some room decorations, but we didn't receive any. It is just as well since once we got the car seat with an awesome black, yellow, white, and grey pattern, I decided that was how I wanted the nursery decorated. This didn't actually mean we had to do any backtracking (other than returning the valances we had already bought). In January, I blogged about how far we made it in the nursery before the baby arrived. To recap:
  • Nicholas redid the closet with built in shelves. The shelves and the closet were painted.
  • The bedroom was primed and painted (3 coats of paint).
  • Glow in the dark stars were removed, and the ceiling was painted.
  • The futon got a new cover.
  • We bought fabric for the curtains.
Nicholas was so busy making art for the first few months of Lil' D's life that readdressing the nursery was not a reality. Then we were really busy in May between flying to Colorado and having two sets of visitors. Now our story begins two weeks ago. The trim in the nursery needs to be painted white (from an aqua blue). When I painted the aqua blue, it almost immediately got scratched because the paint didn't stick very well to all the other layers of paint already on the trim. So...Nicholas and I bought some eco-friendly paint stripper. Without drawing out the story, here are the issues we encountered:
  • Stripping paint off of trim attached to the wall is tough work.
  • Taping off the area we wanted to strip (and protect the newly painted walls) is futile.
  • Stripping paint in the grooves of trim is ridiculously hard.
  • Trying to strip paint off of baseboards that have been tiled and grouted to the floor is silly. The previous owner put tile floors throughout the upstairs but failed to remove the baseboards first. Instead, he just grouted to the baseboards. This looks silly for lots of reasons, makes it difficult to paint the trim, and makes it even harder to remove the paint from the trim.
  • Several coats of paint stripper had to be applied to be really effective.
  • The stripper may be eco-friendly and all citrus smelling, but it was pretty vapor-y and smelled like Florida hopped up on pesticides.
This comedy of errors took us from a project we thought we could get done in a couple of days with a little hard work to a weeks long project with a billion added steps. Since the paint stripper wasn't as effective as we were hoping, we have spent a week trading off scraping for 30 minutes to an hour at a time because it is most definitely not something you can do with the baby in tow. Now the project looks like this:
  • Nicholas removed the baseboards but left the trim around the window, door, and closet. Instead of being able to remove the baseboards relatively easily, he had to cut them with a saw to try to preserve as much grout near the trim as possible.
  • Now we have to find baseboards that are thick enough to cover the floor and high enough to cover some of the peeled wall paint.
  • The remaining trim still has an hour or two left of paint removal work to get it to a state to be painted.
  • New baseboards need to be installed.
  • Some areas of grout need to be repaired, depending on what type of trim we get.
  • Everything needs to be caulked/re-caulked.
  • Wall areas where paint peeled need to be repaired and the wall needs to be repainted in those areas.
  • All the trim needs to be painted.
  • The floors and walls need a good cleaning to get rid of any accumulated dust.
Of course, the week we begin to address the nursery is the week that Lil' D needs to start sleeping there! For the time being, he is sleeping in the pack 'n play in my office. And this week, Lil' D had his first fever, so that made nursery progress slow going. Once the trim is in and painted, we can put together the crib, hang stuff on the walls, and finally get Lil' D moved into his room! Hopefully you will find completed nursery pictures by the beginning of July!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Parade of Visitors: 3 Months to 4 Months

All the people that met Lil' D for the first time between 3 and 4 months old--
Nancy Lindemann
Audrey Lindemann
Janet Mertz
Josh Mertz
Great-Aunt Judy
Chris Johnson
L and I Johnson
Great-Aunt Sharon
Betty Whalen
Alycia Erickson
Pastor Beth Marie Halvorsen
Phyllis Youngdahl
Pastor Steve Youngdahl
Robert and A Schwerdtfeger-Jones
Liz Eide
Nick Eide
Susan and John Stewart
Cindy Florence
Rick Florence