Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer 2014 Recap--May and June

What a special, eventful summer we have had! May found us making final preparations for Lil' Bro's arrival. We enjoyed spending some quality time with Big Bro before he officially became a Big Bro. We stumbled upon the member only day at the Wildflower Center's opening of the new Family Garden.
Then Mommy and Big Bro had a special day together at the Thinkery.
We continued to anticipate Lil' Bro's arrival as Mommy spent her last, low-key Mother's Day as a Mommy of one.
Mommy's last day of work was May 16th, the day before Lil' Bro was "due" to be born. Then Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Audrey came on the due date. And we continued to wait...for four more days.
And then Lil' Bro made his arrival on May 21st! Big Bro was so excited to finally meet his baby brother.
We adjusted to being a family of four and enjoying family coming to meet our newest addition.
Meanwhile, the end of May is busy for Youth Directors with end of year activities (like Confirmation Sunday the day after Lil' Bro was "due" to arrive) and graduations. Nicholas made it to sweet Kathryn's graduation while Mommy stayed home with the boys. Fortunately we all made it to Senior Recognition Sunday at church. What a blessing to watch Kathryn grow into the amazing woman she has become. 
Mommy recovered well from birthing Lil' Bro. Big Bro stopped going to school at the beginning of June since Mommy was going to be on maternity leave most of the summer. I had big plans for all the summer fun we were going to have, including enjoying many of the Austin splash pads and pools. Our first splash pad was at Ricky Guerrero park.
We contemplated going on a weekend camping trip, but decided, instead, to just take some day visits to State Parks. We visited McKinney Falls State Park and Pedernales Falls State Park. 
We made it to one more splash pad at Rosewood Park. The rest of the summer we did other fun things.
We visited the first Children's Day Art Park at Symphony Square where the Biscuit Brothers played. Mommy decided this was the last time we would be going this summer. It was too busy and crowded for Mommy with both Big Bro and Lil' Bro.
We made several visits to the Thinkery this summer. In June we went with some friends and enjoyed some baby time together.
In June, Mommy found the joy of Baby Days at Alamo Drafthouse! We saw "How to Train Your Dragon 2". Lil' Bro slept and Big Bro enjoyed popcorn!
Big Bro also spent lots of time enjoying his baby brother.
Daddy spent 5 days in Kerrville at Confirmation Camp. When he got back, we ended up spending the night at Dell Children's Hospital because Lil' Bro had a fever at 31 days old. We managed to avoid a spinal tap and went home fever free the next day. What an adventure!
We enjoyed what turned out to be our only Concert in the Park at the Long Center. Big Bro enjoyed the music and dancing fun!
Big Bro also got his first bike and thoroughly enjoyed riding it for two days. 
Big Bro enjoyed lots of swimming at Grandma and GranBo's pool.
Daddy took at day off during the week so we could use our Groupon to Sea World when Lil' Bro was 5 weeks old. Big Bro enjoyed seeing all the animal shows, especially the orcas and sea lions. But he also really enjoyed meeting Franklin!
Then we took Lil' Bro on his first hike! We hiked on the Barton Creek Greenbelt to Twin Falls. Lil' Bro slept most of the time, and Big Bro hiked the whole way!
We spent our Sunday mornings at church. 
The last week of June, Big Bro went to his first summer camp. He had a fabulous time! It was dinosaur themed, and he was named Camper of the Week because of his positive attitude and awesome dinosaur roar!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Crockett Garden and Falls at Cedar Breaks Park

Monday we took our last family hike before Big Bro's surgery. We went to Cedar Breaks Park at Lake Georgetown to hike the Crocket Garden and Falls trail from our 60 Hikes in 60 miles book. This was a new trail for all of us. The full hike is 5 miles in and out. We made it about 1.5 miles in for about a 3 mile hike...not bad for Big Bro!
There were some areas to climb.
And then we found the lake and walked awhile with this vista.
Taking a break to have a snack...Big Bro's favorite part!
A lovely hike! We had lunch at Hat Creek in Georgetown before heading home. They had an awesome playground with a tall twisty slide. Definitely worth heading back!