Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap Carnival

Recapping 2010--The first sentence from the first blog post of each month. An idea I stole from Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife.

January--It may be news to you if you have never seen such movies as Varsity Blues or Friday Night Lights that football is a big deal in Texas...NFL, college, high school, middle school, even pee-wee.

Our adventure to the Texas High School football championship game.

February--I wanted to do something with Mini-J other than going to the park because a)it was really cold yesterday and b)the park gets boring for Aunt Dana.

Taking Mini-J bowling.

March--My dear friend, Cam, is getting married in April! I have the honor of serving as a bridesmaid.

Debuting my bridesmaid dress for Cam's wedding which also made it onto our Christmas card!

April--Having Flat Stanley is a great opportunity for Nicholas and I to visit some places we haven't been in awhile.

Taking Flat Stanley to visit the Texas Capital building.

May--The hubby and I did not almost buy a new truck this week because we thought we could get a super sweet deal with 0% interest.

Not Me! Monday...something I haven't participated in lately.

June--This little guy likes to hang out in our backyard. (followed by a picture of a cute blue jay)

An installment of What' New Around Our House.
July--A couple of weeks ago, Mini-J came to stay with Aunt Dana and Uncle Nick.
August--August. A few short years ago August meant long hours of being out in the sun for marching band practice the two weeks before school, drinking lots and lots of water, getting a farmers tan, sweating profusely, and loving every minute.
August will have a whole new meaning for me again in a few years!
September--College Football...The promise of Fall and cooler temperatures...Wearing short sleeves instead of sleeveless shirts...maybe.
Here's to hopinig that the new year brings better playing from the Longhorns!
October--The past few weeks have been busy and filled with exciting events. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary and found out we will be having a boy on the same day. Nicholas has been furiously busy working in his studio the past few months.

November--We spent the weekend in Dallas visting the family and getting lots of niece and sibling love. Saturday we took a trip to two nearby pumpkin patches.
December--On Sunday, we brought our first "real" Christmas tree!

What a great way to start December!

Christmas in Austin

We woke up Christmas morning in our own bed. Then we headed over to Nicholas' parents house for hours of opening presents. Hours because they take turns opening presents and watching each other, as opposed to the free-for-all mass chaos I grew up with. We enjoyed yummy cinnamon rolls and coffee (water for me) for breakfast.
We came home for showering and sharing Christmas wishes with my family. Then we headed back over to Nicholas' parents house for Christmas dinner. It was a lovely day, and I have almost found a place for all our goodies (other than the kitchen table).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Nicholas and I woke up on Christmas Eve in Addison, TX in our dirt cheap suite hotel room. We enjoyed our last free HIExpress breakfast, gathered our belongings, and loaded our car in the rain. Then we enjoyed a lovely morning drive back to Austin in the rain. Of course, we arrived in Austin hungry, and after having been gone all week long we certainly did not have any food in the house. The first place we stopped near our house was closed, so we went home to unload the car and for me to use the bathroom for the 15th time of the day. The next place we went to was also closed, so we settled for some good ol' fashioned Tex-Mex.
We went to the 5pm candlelight service at church. We enjoyed the story of the birth of Christ according to Luke as well as the musical stylings of the Turman boys. Matt played a solo on What Child is This after only playing the oboe since September!! I am so proud of him! Then we bid Merry Christmas to everyone before heading over to Nicholas' parents house...
At which point we enjoyed some killer cocktail shrimp! We opened presents from Laura...
 and watched a little National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation before heading home. Nicholas read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to the baby and we nestled all snug in our beds for a long winter's nap.

Christmas in Dallas

Thursday night we celebrated Christmas with my family before heading back to Austin early Friday morning. All the nieces loved opening presents, especially Mini-J. She didn't want to stop!
Of course, I didn't get any pictures of the presents Nicholas and I opened. BUT, I am using my new 6 qt. crockpot right now!

Monday, December 27, 2010

One Last Road Trip

I am now past 34 weeks in my pregnancy and no longer allowed to travel. We spent a few days in Dallas before Christmas for my last travel hoorah sans baby.
Aunt Dana had fun catching on film the many faces of Baby A.
Baby A is a really good eater. Thankfully she enjoys all the food that Aunt Dana feeds her just as much as all the sweets other people feed her!
Baby Summer is now 1 month old!
Baby A LOVES Aunt Dana's jewelry and is VERY gentle when admiring it.
Uncle Nicholas, pick me up!
Cousin play time!
Mini-J practicing her sit-ups.
Uncle Nicholas playing with BaiBoo.
And then we tried to capture some sibling pictures...