Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Lists

Putting together Christmas lists is always difficult for me. I think of things throughout the year, and I always tell myself I should write it down. Or I think I will put it away in the "Christmas List" spot of my brain for retrieval later when I actually go to write the list. Inevitably, that part of my brain stays locked when I put my fingers on the keyboard. Now I have three Christmas lists to put together...

How do you write a Christmas list as a 30 year-old new mom?
  • The last book I picked up explained what to do for a vomiting child. I have tried many times since Lil' D was born to pick up a book, but I always lose interest, and I like to spend more than 5 minutes at a time reading a book, anyway! I spend most of my free time blogging, editing pictures, and scrapbooking about Lil' D!
  • I am old enough now to buy things for myself throughout the year.
  • Many things I want can't be wrapped and put under the tree...bye-bye lingering baby weight; for my blonde-haired, blue-eyed alarm clock to wait until at least 6AM to ring; to spend all day everyday taking pictures of said alarm clock; the luxury of travel without the price tag; the ability to take a nap without waking up to regret it; time for more than a 30 minute workout; time with my husband, in the middle of the day.
  • I really want it to be 100+ degrees for over half the year. I want to wear sweaters, layers, and accessorize! 
  • I want time to do all the things in the kitchen that want and for my groceries to be delivered.
I find myself needing/wanting fewer "things." What I really want is to spend time playing with my baby (and taking pictures of him)!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dallas Zoo

On our visit to Dallas two weeks ago, my brother, Logan, and I took Baby A and Lil' D to the zoo. It was Lil' D's first visit!
This was as close to the stroller as Baby A would get to Lil' D! Silly girl!
Finally beginning to look like Fall!
Baby A running to Aunt Dana!
Checking out the monkeys.
Cute cousins!
Mommy's Little Monkey
A penguin jumped in the water as we were leaving. Lil' D was very happy!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Card 2009

Wishes Whirl Holiday
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Dallas November Visit

On Veterans Day, Lil' D and I embarked on our first road trip together without Nicholas. We left around Lil' D's morning nap time, and he napped the whole way to Brenna's house (3 hours)! What a super baby! We stopped by Brenna's house to see all the construction progress (a new breakfast room and longer kitchen counter space). We had lunch and enjoyed some girl time/catching up while Lil' D enjoyed eating, drinking, and then playing in Mommy's car.
We went over to my parents house for the afternoon/early evening and spent time with aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents.
Teaching Uncle Logan how to play "Arms Up."
We spent the night in a hotel. My, my it is a lot of work toting a baby and all the baggage that accompanies us into a 3rd floor hotel room! I left my rolling cart in the room all night since I knew I would need it the next morning, and Lil' D really needed to go to sleep!
Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and packed up to head back to my parents house.
We had lunch with my friend, Jeff, who had not met Lil' D yet. Lil' D, true to form, was a very entertaining eater! After lunch, Logan and I took Lil' D and Baby A to the Dallas Zoo. It was Baby A's second trip and Lil' D's first! It was a short trip, but both babies enjoyed the adventure!
After the zoo, we went back to my parents house for more visiting and dinner.
Aunt Kendall, I love your new hair color!
After dinner, I readied Lil' D for bed, and we began our journey back to Austin. Lil' D slept most of the way. Unfortunately I had to stop for gas, and of course, he woke up. But I was entertained by a baby that was happily waving at me through the back window! We got home, and Daddy put Lil' D to bed. He slept all night long. Sunday morning we got him out of bed to find he had a stomach bug! I am so thankful that I drove home Saturday night!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nicholas' Witticisms

Since Lil' D isn't speaking in sentences yet, and I already feather the blog with my witticisms, I decided to capture some of the crazy things Nicholas says. Oh it's always laugh time at our house!

(said with a silly grin) "What?!? I'm not being ridiculous."
On tasting Sawyer's dinner of turnips mixed with sweet potatoes and oregano:
Me: It tastes interesting.
Nicholas: I'm surprised he hasn't had more of a reaction. Do you think he has a taste deficiency, or do you think he really does like everything?

Nicholas--after tasting Sawyer's dinner of plums and barley, "It tastes kind of like plums and hard cracker crumbles. It's not bad. If I was in an orphanage, this would definitely be my favorite meal."
Nicholas--"...because you're a hoss, and I mean that in a sweet way."
Nicholas--"He's so adorable in that shirt, it's almost too much for me to handle!"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Stomach Bug---The First

Last weekend I took my first solo road trip with Lil' D. We left for Dallas Friday morning, and he napped the entire time on the ride up! It was a short trip. We drove back to Austin Saturday night at Lil' D's bedtime. He slept most of the time. He woke up while I was getting gas so he could wave really hard at me! He went back to sleep. Nicholas took him up to bed when we got home, and he slept all night long.
Nicholas got up with Lil' D and brought him to me. For the first time ever Lil' D did not want to nurse in the morning! We spent the morning with Lil' D not interested in eating/nursing and throwing up. I did end up going to the doctor before the after hours clinic closed on Sunday. I think we have survived our first stomach bug, and the only other person that go sick was Grandma. Poor Grandma!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Lil' D had a great first Halloween weekend. He sported his super cool costume that was made with lots of love (and months of attention) by his Aunt La La. He was a luchador, El [Lil' D] Supremo! On Saturday we met up with the Huebner's for lunch. Then Nicholas' family came over for dinner for his uncle's last night in town. On Sunday we had a busy, busy day. We visited Cedar Park for my friend, Wendy's birthday. Then we went to the Halloween party at church.
Afterwards, we stopped by Nicholas' parents house to show off Lil' D. It was his first trick-or-treat door opening!
Monday afternoon we went over to the Huebner's house to take a few pictures of babies, pumpkins, and Halloween costumes.
Then we went over to the Turmans house for trick-or-treating with all the big kids!