Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scrapbooking the Time Away

As I sit here waiting for baby, I have been scrapbooking away (because I cannot just sit on the couch and watch TV all day). I blogged a few months ago about wanting to change the way I was going to scrapbook. I have started creating more books on Shutterfly. Here are books I have made over the past few months:
And these are books I have made over the past few weeks:
I have also been working on the good old fashioned paper scrapbooks. A few months ago, I finished our year of 2009 scrapbook. Its pages overfloweth. What I didn't include in our very busy 2009 scrapbook was Nicholas' RISD graduation, our family trip to New Hampshire after graduation, our road trip from Rhode Island to Texas and Christmas 2009. Those would be in three additional books! Here is a sampling of the Year of 2009:
A couple of days a go I finished Nicholas' RISD graduation, the Lobster Bake celebration, and our family trip to New Hampshire. As a graduation present to Nicholas, I made him 3 scrapbooks of all his memoribilia. One book of his formative years through high school, one book of college and beyond, and one book about his high school and UT college graduation. I added the RISD graduation stuff to the graduation book. Here is a sampling: 
Yesterday I finished our road trip from Rhode Island to Texas. Here is a sampling:
Now I am working on scrapbooking 2010, since I know that very soon I will have little interest in documenting anything that doesn't involve baby! Here is a sampling:

Something New and Something Blue

You may or may not have known this was coming, but the baby who is not here yet now has his own blog. Take a look, although, there are no posts, yet. This blog will be for the baby so I can chronicle everything that happens and will probably have way more information than anyone other than the grandmothers will ever want to read!
This blog will remain as our family blog, although posting (especially in the first few months) will not be as frequent as it has been in the past. I will not be sharing all the baby's information on this non-private blog, but rest assured that the baby will be a regular visitor!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preparing for Baby

Here is what the nursery used to look like as a guest bedroom. It is nowhere near finished, but this is pretty much the state it will live in for the next few months. The walls have been painted, and the paisley futon cover has been revamped!
The trim still needs to be painted, and of course, there needs to be some kind of decorations/shelving on the walls! Here is the fabric that be made into curtains for the closet and window.
The guest bathroom is showing signs of a baby to come:
And here is another gift we have received (that takes different batteries than we have) and was fun for me to put together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing for Baby

On Saturday we bought the stroller that our car seat snaps into. Nicholas couldn't wait to put it together! Surprisingly, it came out of the box mostly put together.
And here is the finished product of the swing that I put together the other day.
I mentioned that we got a killer deal on a pack 'n play. Here it is. It pays to shop discontinued patterns at Babies 'r Us!
I talked Nicholas into putting away the Christmas boxes in the garage (where the belong and not right outside the door), and he got a wild hair to move things around. I don't have before pictures, but there definitely was not this much space for me to get in and out of the car before! Now we have plenty of space to get the baby out of the car!

Handmade Projects

I did a lot of project making for Christmas, and I have a post waiting in the queue to show off all the projects I made, but they haven't all been delivered to the recipients! Instead, enjoy some pictures of other projects I have made over the past couple of years.
And this is what I am working on now. It is an Advent calendar with a gagillion pieces!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bible Study Baby Shower

Back in October, I met an amazing group of women. I went to a Bible Study with a group of women I had never met...and I went by myself. It may be a surprise to find out that I am not the best at meeting new people. It is totally outside my comfort zone, especially when I do it by myself. What is important to note here is that I did go to Bible study and haven't looked back since. We have been studying "The Bad Girls of the Bible" by Liz Curtis Higgins. It is great to have a group of women with whom to discuss faith and life. This great group of women hosted a Bible Study baby shower for me Tuesday night.
We ate yummy food and played games. Everyone tried to guess the candy bars that were melted in diapers.
We tried to guess the old wives tales to determine if you are having a boy or girl.
And we played an impromptu game where everyone voted on who was going to have a baby next. This game was especially funny because everyone is a couple years younger than me. A few people are newly married, a couple are engaged, and everyone else is dating or single.
And I opened gifts!
Thank you so much Allison B, Kayla, Brandi, Teri, Lori, Lauren B., Lauren C., Allison L., Jenna, Megan, Adele, and Katy. You are all wonderful, thoughtful ladies!