Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Minnesota Vacation

We took our first family of four airplane trip over Veteran's Day weekend to Minnesota to visit the Eide's. Four people have a lot of stuff!
Big Bro hasn't been on a plane in a year and a half. I'm not sure if he remembers the last time he was on a plane, but he was very excited this time. THIS.IS.AMAZING!
We left on a Thursday afternoon. The boys were entertained on the first leg of the flight to Denver.
We changed planes in Denver, and both boys slept the whole flight to Minneapolis.
Big Bro didn't even wake up when the lights came on and we sat him up!
Friday morning, the Eide's went to work and school. We enjoyed a relaxing morning and then went to an indoor playground where both boys had a grand time.
Big Bro did a little performing on stage while we waited for Liz, Mini-Liz and Mini-Nick to join us.
Mini-Liz read books to Big Bro.
There was a lot of time spent playing with toys on the floor. Big Bro was happy to see new toys, including big boy Legos in Mini-Nick's room.
If we lived closer together, we would be spending a lot of time on the floor playing!
Friday night, a babysitter came over to watch Big Bro, Mini-Nick and Mini-Liz while Lil' Bro and the adults went into the city. Liz and I went to a shopping event while the boys had some bonding time. Then we all met up for dinner. Lil' Bro enjoyed lots of Auntie Liz cuddles.
Saturday morning, Liz went to a conference. The rest of us relaxed at home. The kids played. The adults talked and Nick made crepes. 
Lil' Bro enjoyed a nap on the couch.
In the afternoon we headed out to watch Mini-Nick have a hockey practice. It was fun. Especially when Big Bro got some popcorn.
Maybe the best part was watching the Zamboni clear the ice!
Afterwards we enjoyed some pizza and arcade games. Even Lil' Bro got in on the action!
Big Bro was over the moon for Mini-Liz's guinea pigs. He enjoyed watching them, playing with them and holding them.
Sunday morning we went to church. Pastor John made paper airplanes for the children's sermon. He called them "Blessings," and all the kids had fun sending "Blessings" into the pews.
There was more playing at the house before we headed back into the city to visit the Minnesota History Museum.
Everyone had a great time!
Adults and kids alike
Monday, it snowed! Big Bro thought it snowed just for him!
Daddy taught him how to make snowballs, and they had a fun snowball fight.
When Mini-Liz and Mini-Nick got home from school, they all went sledding. Big Bro had a great time until he crashed!
For our first two nights in Minnesota, Big Bro slept in Mini-Nick's room. The next two nights he slept in the basement with Mommy and Daddy and Lil' Bro. Lil' Bro slept with Mommy every night. silly baby.
We left for Texas on Tuesday morning. It snowed a little more overnight. Big Bro wanted to touch the snow one more time!
We had the perfect flight times on Tuesday. All the flights before ours were cancelled, but ours was just a little delayed...which to be honest, is how we function. Slightly delayed...
The kids were great on the flights home. We had a wonderful vacation and miss our dear friends already!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Halloween was on a Friday this year. Big Bro and Daddy made crepes fro breakfast, Big Bro's favorite. 
Big Bro wore pajamas to school. Mommy and Lil' Bro visited with Big Bro for his Halloween Carnival. 
Mommy worked hard on the little boys Halloween costumes. We may or may not have visited Target at 3:30pm on Halloween. 
Big Bro was Captain America. We went trick-or-treating on Grandma's street. We made it to about 8 houses. Then Big Bro had a great time handing out candy and telling all the trick-or-treaters to take 2 pieces of candy!