Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cinnamon Scones

A couple weeks ago, the boys were being crazy while I was making dinner. I sent them upstairs to the playroom so I could get some peace. Lil' Bro was resistant. I gave him two options: go to the playroom or help Mommy with dinner. He chose to help me with dinner! He helped me put together a casserole. When Big Bro found out, he wanted to help, too. Ever since, I have been trying to find ways to get them into the kitchen more. Big Bro used to help cook but lost interest. I'm excited that his brother's interest in helping in the kitchen has renewed his interest! One morning, we made cinnamon scones. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Alabama Aunts

Last weekend Aunt Sharon and Aunt Judy came to meet Baby Bro. They were very excited to get some baby cuddles! They arrived Saturday night just in time for dinner, and so did Kendall and Patrick.
Lil' Bro chose for Uncle Patrick to read bedtime stories.
Sunday morning we enjoyed some more cuddle time.
Then we headed to brunch at Jack Allen's Kitchen.
Kendall and Patrick left early to go to their pre-marital counseling! We camped out and made one last trip to the buffet of deliciousness. As we were leaving, it started raining so we headed home for some playtime. We spent a lot of time at home playing inside and outside in the rain. For dinner, the boys helped Mommy make a veggie casserole for dinner. They are becoming very big helpers!
Monday, we headed out to the Hill Country for some wine tasting. It was still raining, but we were hopeful it was stay calm. We stopped at the first winery.
Taking selfies with Aunt Judy.
After our first wine tasting, it was lunch time. We headed into Fredericksburg to eat at German restaurant. The boys had sausage on a stick. Oh my!
Daddy rationed Lil' Bro's ketchup...he was not pleased. 
We stopped at Burg's Corner for some Stonewall peaches. They were delicious!
Tuesday morning Nicholas made Belgium waffles for dinner. Then, with a break in the rain, we headed out to enjoy some Austin sites. First, we stopped at Mt. Bonnell for some breathtaking views of Austin.
Then we popped over to Laguna Gloria. 
They had some fun activity bags for the boys. It was a great new addition!
Making wishes in the wishing well.
Right as we got all packed up in the car, it started raining. Then it started pouring! We had lunch at Austin Java as it poured!
Lil' Bro fell asleep on the way home. Aunt Sharon and Aunt Judy had to pack up and head back to Alabama. We were sad to see them go, but are excited to see them again in a couple months!