Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parade of Visitors--Days 1-15

We knew that many many many many people would want to feast eyes (and hands) on the little bundle of joy that we created. So far we have not been lacking in visitors! Here are all the people that have met Lil' D in the first 15 days (excluding doctors and nurses!).
Grandma Shank
Grandpa Dertien
Grandmom Williams
Granddaddy Williams
Aunt Kendall
Uncle Bryan
Uncle Derek
Beth Turman
Pastor Heidi 
Matthew Turman
Kathryn Turman
Laura Bohl (Aunt Lala)
Gary Wilson
Ashley Wilson
Sandy Bradshaw
Cam Schaefer
Great-Grandpa Har
Uncle Elgin
Cousin Sarah and Cousin Elgin
Aunt Laurie
Cousin Kellie
The Eide's (Nick, Liz, Mini-Nick and Mini-Liz)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Weeks

We have officially been parents for two weeks. The number one question we get asked is whether we are getting any sleep. The answer is, yes. Lil' D likes to sleep. His favorite places to sleep are laying on Mommy or Daddy. For the first few days we couldn't get him to really sleep in his bassinet, but he is getting better. Now Nicholas and I get to sleep at the same time for a few hours during the night! Otherwise we are sleeping in shifts.
Lil' D has had lots of visitors, and his weekends are booking up fast. This past weekend my oldest sister and her family came to visit. They just moved back to the states after three years in The Netherlands.
Everyone was very excited to meet Lil' D. "I want to hold the baby!" was a constant refrain throughout the weekend.
Uncle Nicholas pulled his toy box out of the garage for a little entertainment. He taught a little juggling, knot throwing, guitar playing, and mind puzzle solving.
It was a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

How did we spend our first Valentine's Day as parents? First, it was Lil' D's one week birthday. Nicholas' grandfather came over to meet his great-grandson, and then Nicholas went to work for a few hours. Mommy and Lil' D spent some quality time together nursing, napping, and playing together. Nicholas gave me a necklace with Lil' D's birthstone, green amethyst. It's beautiful and was a very nice surprise.
Nicholas' grandfather brought me some lovely tulips. And our friends Gary and Ashley brought the other beautiful bouquet on Saturday when they came to visit.
And Nicholas and I had a lovely dinner on the couch and watched a little television. It was a wonderful first Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lounging in Bed

Mommy and Lil' D have been spending a lot of time in bed the past few days, especially during middle of the night feedings. Daddy thinks it's funny that we have a "modern" nursing station set up:
You may notice all the pillows. If you lose something under the pillows it makes it kind of hard to find, especially if you are in the middle of nursing. Sooooo...the other day I asked Nicholas to help me find my phone before he left the house. He started calling my phone, and we could both here it vibrating. Nicholas started searching under all the pillows and sheets to no avail. He asked me several times if I was sitting on it, but I told him no because I couldn't feel it. Of course he did find that I was sitting on my phone and did have a nice little laugh about it. Here is the aftermath of the phone search:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lil' D's First Photoshoot

Yesterday Mommy and Lil' D had a photoshoot so we would have some amazing pictures for his birth announcement. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!