Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On Aunt Sharon and Aunt Judy's last night, we went to Chuy's for dinner. While we were waiting for a table, we enjoyed taking some pictures and playing with Lil' D.


A few weeks ago, my aunts from Alabama came to visit. It was their first visit to our house and the first time to meet Lil' D. They had spent Monday night in San Antonio staying with my cousin, Chris, so they arrived in Austin early Tuesday morning (right after we got home from Colorado). They enjoyed some baby time, and then we headed to lunch at Central Market. After lunch, we took a little stroll around the store (because it is a great place to stroll) and headed to the airport to drop off Aunt Judy. She spent a day and a half in Alberquerque with her oldest daughter for her 40th birthday.
Tuesday night, my cousin Chris brought his family over for dinner. Wednesday, Aunt Sharon enjoyed some solo baby time. We spent the morning at Natural Gardener and had lunch at Potbelly. We had a lovely dinner of Shrimp Cobb salad.
Nicholas went to his studio Thursday morning. Aunt Sharon and I headed to the airport to pick up Aunt Judy. Then we headed to Nicholas' studio. It started pouring down rain! We visited a few of Nicholas' East Austin haunts before heading home.
Then we took the Aunts to Chuy's for dinner. It was a nice night!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Natural Gardener

While Aunt Sharon was in town a couple of weeks ago, we visited Natural Gardener, Nicholas' favorite nursery in Austin. It is the place to go for native Texas plants. Sawyer enjoyed his first trip by napping the whole time!
Really big swiss chard!
Aunt Sharon standing next to the rose of sharon.
One tall agave!
Afterwards we had lunch at Potbelly and admired this cutie!