Thursday, March 30, 2017

SB Road Trip: Day 3

Monday was Day 3 of our Spring Break Trip. After breakfast and getting ready we all headed into Birmingham. Our first stop was the University of Alabama Birmingham to visit where Aunt Sharon works and meet her crew. She enjoyed showing off her great-nephews. Then we walked across the street past the minor league baseball field to Railroad Park. We love urban parks!
It was cold and overcast, but lots of fun!
We walked across the street and had lunch at Red Cat Cafe. Delicious, and Big Bro loved the name!
We walked back over to the park to explore more!
Before heading home we stopped at Kelly Ingram Park across the street from the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and started teaching Big Bro about the Civil Rights Movement. It was powerful and sad and humbling.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SB Road Trip: Day 2

Sunday was our second day of our Spring Break. The big boys woke up and Aunt Sharon watched some cartoons with them while Mommy and Daddy slept a bit. Then we had lovely breakfast of pancakes while the boys played and explored.
After everyone got ready, we took a quick hike out the hill on a short trail to the edge of the property.
Photo by Big Bro. Oak Mountain State Park in the background.
Standing on top of "Hercules"
Big Bro steering the golf cart with Aunt Judy.
After our hike, we drove the golf carts over to Aunt Judy's niece, Mavis', Husky Ranch to play with some husky puppies!
After lunch, Baby Bro and the aunts took a rest. Nicholas and I took the big boys out for some more hiking! Sunday was the second warmest day of our trip, so we tried to enjoy lots of outside time! 
Spreading out deer corn
After dinner, we roasted some marshmallows over the fire pit.
The boys practiced howling at the full moon.