Friday, March 21, 2014

Nursery Project #1

The first nursery project is complete! I hacked our IKEA china hutch for the second time.
Here is what it originally looked like:
Then Nicholas cut the top shelf off so it would fit under the floating bar in the dining room.
For the nursery, I painted it and covered the shelves with contact paper. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kitchen Renovations: Part VI

It has been awhile since our last kitchen renovation installment. There was a "mad rush" to finish all the "big construction" before Lil' D's birthday party in early February. Since then we have been enjoying using the kitchen, making some of the small updates and ORGANIZING!
Since our last installment this counter by the fridge has had the following changes:
1. Black granite tile mortared to the countertop. 
2. Grout applied and sealed.
3. Metal edging installed.
4. Backsplash mortared to the wall.
5. Grout applied.
6. Open shelf hung affixed to the wall...but pending different screws.
This area has had the following changes:
1. Backsplash mortared to the wall.
2. Grout applied.
3. Open shelf affixed to the wall. 
It's all coming together. Will we ever finish the remaining items now that our house is no longer a construction zone and a new baby's arrival is fast approaching? Time will tell!