Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Floors

So...way back on December 19th, we started installing new floors downstairs. We started after bedtime on a Friday night. It was great that Jeremy was in town to help us! We carefully removed the baseboards so we could reuse them. There were a ridiculous number of pieces. One more odd thing that the previous homeowner did.
It took awhile to get in the groove, and we worked until around 1am just so we could be finished with the entryway/living room area. Big Bro spent the night at the grandparents house, so Mommy and Daddy got up the next morning to work on the dining room. The new floors look so much better!
It took us four days to lay all the flooring and re-install the baseboards with two kids, but it was worth it. We were finished just in time to have Christmas Eve at our house!
Laying floors was a family affair. Lil Bro slept on Mommy's back while Big Bro helped measure!
And after over a year with the concrete floor, it was divine to have finished floors in the kitchen!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Santa Fe

The first week of December, Daddy and Big Bro went on their first solo road trip! Their final destination was Santa Fe, NM to visit Uncle Steve and Aunt Wendy. They left early Tuesday morning.
They drove to Lubbock and spent the night with Derek who is attending law school at Texas Tech University. Wednesday morning they left Lubbock REALLY early. Along the way, they stopped at .... where Nicholas and his father spent the night in 1996 when they rode their bikes from Austin to Santa Fe.
They arrived in Santa Fe mid afternoon. Big Bro had lots of fun playing at a playground.
And meeting his bird cousins! Here Big Bro is with Cha Cha.
Thursday Daddy and Big Bro found their way to a fun "natural" playground with lots of awesome rocks to climb.
Getting a snack at The Railyard--
Friday they took a drive up the mountains and found snow!
Big Bro enjoyed using his "phone" on the trip to take his own pictures!
Big Bro and Percy.
On Saturday, Big Bro, Nicholas and Aunt Wendy took a trip to the Audubon Society nature trail. 
Here, Big Bro is being very still so birds would come to the feeder right next to him!
Holiday Lights at the Plaza
Daddy and Big Bro left Santa Fe early Sunday morning and stopped in Lubbock again. Mommy and Lil' Bro were very happy to see Daddy and Big Bro on Monday!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Listing Pictures

Here are the professional pictures of our house for listing. These are low resolution images, but I just couldn't wait to show them to you!
Downstairs 1/2 bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Big Bro's Room
Lil' Bro's room
Laundry Room
Boy's Bathroom
Stay tuned for comparison pictures from over the years!