Monday, July 28, 2014

Turkey Creek Trail

Last week we visited Turkey Creek Trail in Emma Long Park. This was our first "new" 60 hikes in 60 miles trail in quite some time and Lil' Bro's first EVER! It was mostly shady...a must for this summer heat that has finally hit us. We didn't do the whole loop of the trail which supposedly crosses the creek 18 times, but by my count, we forded the creek 10 times! What an adventure! Thanks to recent rains, there was actually a bit of water to ford!
Looking for lizards, of which there was an abundance!
Checking out some tadpoles
Big Bro showing Daddy his penguin walk that Aunt Sharon and Aunt Judy taught him.
Big Bro running down the trail like Dusty Crophopper!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family + Family + Family

Day 7 of Daddy being out of town, the Alabama Aunts saved Mommy from being the sole respondent to all the three year old "why" questions. You know...why are you going that way Mommy, why are you doing that, why is that store there, why isn't that store there...
On their first day (after arriving at 2:30AM) we show them how busy many of Mommy's days this summer have been. Breakfast at Kerby Lane, exploring at Umlauf Sculpture Garden, digging for dinosaurs at Austin Nature and Science Center, lunch at the original Chuy's, naptime, Mommy shopping on her own and a light dinner. 
Day 9, my family flooded our house to visit with the Aunts and Lil' Bro. First up was Grandmom and Aunt Jackie. Unfortunately they got stuck in a ton of traffic on the way into town and were not able to stay long.
Then came Uncle Logan, Aunt Kendall and PJ. They spent the night.
We enjoyed breakfast at Trudy's followed by some niece and nephew loving before Aunt Sharon and Aunt Judy headed out of town.
Big Bro enjoyed spending most of the day with his cousin...especially when we went out for ice cream!
What a wonderful time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When Daddy's Away

Nicholas was out of town for 10 days taking the high schoolers to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. It was just Mommy and the little boys. Nicholas' parents left for Nebraska on our 3rd day without Daddy, so it really was just Mommy and the little boys. We visited the Wildflower Center with Grandma before they left. We visited a ranch for a company picnic for Mommy's work. Big Bro enjoyed the Longhorns, but the bouncy house was his favorite!
Mommy didn't get much "alone" time or personal space. I was humbled but the offers of help from our church family, even though I wasn't able to actually get things together enough to accept all the help! On Days 4-8, Daddy was canoeing in the Boundary Waters and we were not able to talk with him. We sure were happy to talk to him when he was back in cell phone range!
On Day 6, we had a special day watching a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, having lunch with some of Mommy's friends from work, checking out some art at Laguna Gloria, and watching the peacocks at Mayfield Preserve.
On Day 7, at 2:30 in the morning, reinforcements came in the form of the Alabama Aunts! At the end of the week we also received visits from some of the Dallas family. We survived, and Daddy made it home safely to us at 7:30pm on Day 10! We are learning how to live together again!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Last Friday we visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center with Grandma. Big Bro showed Grandma the new Family Garden. There were beautiful butterflies all over. Big Bro tried to get one to land on his finger.
Grandma and Big Bro working the water pump.
A dragonfly landed on Big Bro!
Butterflies flying all around!
After visiting the Family Garden, we went for a little hike on a newly renovated trail.
Under some beautiful oak trees there are a bunch of swings. Big Bro tried them ALL out!