Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dell Children's Trust Give Dinner

Nicholas and I attended the Dell Children's Trust Give Dinner on May 4th. As always, there were tears as we watched video presentations of hospital grant requests. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


A long overdue Easter post! Easter morning Nicholas had to the early service to help with the unveiling of the cross. I was on my own getting the boys ready, and, well, sometimes that is a battle. The boys woke up eager to find the baskets the Easter Bunny had brought! We went to church for the pancake breakfast, but were a little late and (Mommy) decided to forgo the Easter egg hunt. Grandma and GranBo when to the early service. We took some pictures before they headed home. Then we went to the late service. It was crowded!
We snagged our family picture thanks to Kat. When your photographer is 6'3", you look short in the picture!
After church we headed over to the Turmans house where Kathryn decorated cookies with the boys. Big Bro and Lil' Bro just squeezed an entire package of icing on top of their cookies. Then Lil' Bro dumped a container of sprinkles on top. Holidays!
Big Bro was SO happy Uncle Brian brought olives!
Because it's fun to Snapchat with Kat!
Charlie had a great time hiding eggs for Big Bro and Lil' Bro to find!
After the boys hunted the cascarones we had fun cracking them!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Holy Week

I sit here a month after Holy Week, and I'm tired and not feeling much like creative writing. On a side note, I've been living into my 2017 goal of cleaning the kitchen at least once a day, but that usually means I'm spending some of my adult time after little kid bedtime doing that instead of relaxing. That is really hurting my other goal of trying to be more current on blogging! However, I really like looking back on my Holy Week posts from over the years. Again this year, Holy Week was quite busy for us. On Palm Sunday, the boys enjoyed pony rides in the courtyard. 
Nicholas worked on palm leaf rubbings during both services.
Nicholas helped with setup for the Maundy Thursday service. This is the black cloth that draped the cross at the end of the service. Baby Bro helped Daddy get ready.  
Nicholas had a part in the Maundy Thursday worship service. Mommy and the boys came to worship. Nicholas stayed after worship to set up for the Good Friday service.
Mommy and the boys opted out of the Good Friday service. Kathryn came over to play us!
Meanwhile Nicholas and Matt gave another great shadowbox performance.
Saturday morning we had breakfast at Hat Creek. It was nice to spend some time together as a family.
Then we went over to the Murray's house for a fun Easter Party and stopped at Grandma and GranBo's home to get the boys Easter gifts. 
Then Daddy headed back up to church to finish his installation for Easter Sunday. Mommy and the boys had dinner. Then the Easter bunny came!