Saturday, September 29, 2012


We celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary with a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Lil' D stayed with his grandparents. We arrived on Saturday around 12:30 Cabo-time and our room wasn't ready until 3pm. Luckily we were at an all-inclusive resort (our first) so we grabbed lunch and relaxed outside. Happily we found this ocean-view room ultra-fabulous.
Walking around the courtyard.
Saturday night we attended the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we fly to Cabo for. After a super special picture slideshow, Nicholas and I went walking down by the beach. Nicholas loves playing in the ocean. I think he was a little sad that our beach was not a swimming beach.
After the rehearsal dinner, there was a little bonfire on the beach. It was a pretty hot day, so the fire was not as exciting as it would have been if the weather was cooler, but it was still pretty awesome.
Sunday morning we awoke to the beginning of a tropical storm. Luckily it only rained in the morning, and cooled down the temperatures for a gorgeous sunset beach wedding!
The view from our balcony! We enjoyed a lazy, relaxing morning before going for a run on the beach. Running in sand was a first for me...not as easy as it looks in all the movies. Thankfully it was sprinkling, so that made the run slightly more pleasant.
Nicholas had fun exploring and taking pictures of animals. I enjoyed sitting, relaxing, and reading a 450 page book uninterrupted.
The wedding was beautiful. The reception was on the beach with lots of dancing. We enjoyed more dancing in the lobby bar until my knee decided I had enjoyed myself a little too much.
Monday morning we woke up to a real tropical storm with lots and lots of rain.
The waves were intense! Check out the foam from the tide.
We spent the day releazing some more, eating delicious food, reading, swimming and frequenting the pool bar.
We enjoyed some fabulous sea bass for dinner!
Nicholas thought these rocks looks ridiculous in the daytime until he saw them at night. They were pretty awesome!
Tuesday was our last full day. We had planned to take a kayak adventure, but it was cancelled because the marina was closed after the tropical storm. Instead, we had a couple's massage by the sea. Divine.
We did some more relaxing, swimming, reading, planned Scrabble with Spanish letters, and enjoyed a game of rooftop tennis until the humidity exhausted us.
We had dinner our last night at an Asian-Fusion restaurant. Unlimited sushi. Heaven.
Wednesday morning we got up early to watch the sunrise. It was cloudy, so it wasn't as awesome as it could have been. We enjoyed our last all-inclusive breakfast, and packed up.
It was a fabulous trip. We missed Lil' D, but it was nice to check out from work, church, and parenthood for a few days and just reconnect with each other.

18 and 19 Months

Lil' D has quite the collection of animal sounds: cow, dog, cat, bee, donkey, goat, rooster, chicken, duck, goose, pig, lion, monkey, and owl. He has quite the personality and adamantley expresses his wants and desires...which usually involves bananas. He loves to run, play outside, jump, and read his toddler Bible. He goes to preschool three days a week and loves playing in the nursery on Sunday mornings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brandi and Greg's Wedding

The first weekend in September, Nicholas and I went to Los Cabos, Mexico for Brandi and Greg's wedding. I'm still editing pictures from the trip, so more info about our trip later. Now, enjoy this gorgeous beach wedding! This was my first destination wedding, and it was awesome! It was also our first trip without the little boy. We missed him, but it was very nice to have some solo-adult time and celebrate our 5 year anniversary a little early!
I met Brandi two years ago when I started attending this awesome Bible Study with some amazing women I had never met before. Going to anything by myself where I know I will not know anyone is far outside my comfort zone, but God led me to these women that day, and I am so happy for the wonderful community I have with them.
The morning of the wedding (which was on Sunday) it was overcast and started raining a little bit. By midday, the sun had come out, there was a nice breeze, and everything was set for a beautiful wedding! Here is a shot walking down to the beach for the wedding ceremony.
Here is a shot from our seats as Brandi's father walks her down the steps. 
The happily married couple!
The reception was on the other side of the beach.
First Dance
Brandi's mom and little brother--dancing fools!
Congratulations to the happy couple. May your marriage be blessed with God's love and a perfect balance of perfection and imperfection! We are so happy to have helped you celebrate!