Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Lil' D signed my card (and Nicholas bought me a pretty necklace). During Sunday school, Lil' D's class met with Pastor Heidi to learn the story of Joshua. During the 11 o'clock service they all received a Faith Milestone certificate and a toddler Bible. It was also Sunday School teacher appreciation day, so Nicholas and I were also recognized. Busy day!
After the children's sermon (as has become the norm) Lil' D went to the nursery to play. He likes playing in the nursery but gets upset when other kids start getting picked up before he does!
Uncle Derek came for Lil' D's Faith Milestone!
After church we picked up lunch and took it over to Nicholas' parents house. After Lil' D's nap, we went down to South Congress to walk around.
Lil' D enjoyed playing with Mommy's jewelry box.
We had dinner at Guero's Taco Bar...and enjoyed some tacos!
Lil' D has become an expert "squeezer!"
It was a wonderful day with my boys!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Synod Assembly Weekend

Last weekend Nicholas served as a delegate from our congregation to the Synod Assembly. The plan was for him to leave on Friday and come back on Saturday night because he was riding with our Pastor who had to be a church Sunday morning. He ended up staying for most of the Assembly and got home Sunday evening. He says it was an amazing experience. There was an election for Bishop that only happens every 6 years. He met a lot of great people and came home energized and ready to DO!
Lil' D and I were home alone for the first time. Friday night we went swimming with the Huebner's at their neighborhood pool. The kids had a great time playing together, and then Lil' D entertained himself at their house playing with different toys!
Saturday we went jogging at Dick Nichols Park and then played on the playground. Lil' D enjoyed people watching and sliding. Then he enjoyed a pear in the shade and waved at all the cars coming and going.
Lil' D fell asleep in the car on the way home and took a nice long nap. Then Uncle Jeremy and Audrey came over to play for a little while. Everyone had a great time throwing the ball and retrieving from under furniture.
Then Lil' D and I went shopping! First, Kohl's to return some things and for me to try on some clothes! Lil' D was a peach. Then we went to Carter's...they were having a whale of a sale, and Daddy was out of town! They have a lego table, and Lil' loves to sit there and play. Dangerous for Mommy! By the time we were finished, it was dinner time, and there was no way Lil' D would be compliant if we went home for me to cook. So we hopped on over to Jason's Deli where Lil' D did some people watching and eating. The Eggmen were playing at Southpark Meadows, the shopping center across the street from our house, and where we were shopping. Lil' D enjoyed some dancing and then played on the playground for a little bit. He went to bed peacefully, and Mommy was exhausted!
Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast, took a bath, did some laundry, and got ready for church! We were having a great morning until Lil' D hurt his finger. Then he seemed to be in a fussy mood the rest of the morning/afternoon! We went to church, and he was pretty clingy to me, which is rare.
After church, we enjoyed our church's 35th Anniversary lunch and gathering. Lil' D walked around and discovered the cookies were within his reach.
After naptime, we went shopping again because Mommy really needed some new tennis shoes. We went to the mall, and again Lil' D was pretty good. I took him out of the stroller so he could explore for awhile, and he got upset because he wanted to push the stroller but was too short to reach the handle! We ate dinner out again and played on the playground at Southpark Meadows. Daddy surprised us by showing up right as we were leaving.
A baby mockingbird that Lil' D spotted on a tree at the mall. I was putting the stroller in the truck when I heard him start proclaiming to the bird that it most certainly did not belong there!
We all survived the weekend and have some great stories to share from it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rhode Island: Day 5

Our last day in Rhode Island was the most beautiful day! We spent most of it outside soaking up the sun and gorgeous weather before we all boarded the plane back to Texas. We started at Crescent Park in Riverside, our old stompin' ground.
Then we walked down to Secret Beach.
Lil' D and Daddy enjoyed rolling down the hill.
Then we went to Roger Williams Park. Lil' D was super excited about the carousel.
Lil' D enjoyed his first carousel ride, and then we had a picnic lunch.
Then we went on a paddle boat ride...Lil' D's first! He was not so sure what to think about the life vest.
After the paddle boat ride we headed to the airport. Lil' D enjoyed playing in the back of the SUV while we unloaded everything.
We enjoyed using the moving walkways on the sky walk into the Providence airport. We zipped through security and grabbed some lunch. Lil' D enjoyed looking at the planes. Both of our flights had enough extra seats that we were able to have a row between the three of us. Lil' D napped on the first flight, after a few vanilla wafers!
We had a layover in Chicago, again. It was long enough for use to spend some time walking around and entertaining Lil' D. We had dinner and dressed Lil' D for bed. We ended up in the back of the plane with several other babies.  After a little coercing/rocking, Lil' D fell asleep! We got back after midnight. Lil' D was a trooper, though and slept all night!
It was a wonderful trip, and we were so happy to introduce Lil' D to Rhode Island!